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Mobile Anesthesia FAQ

Who will provide my anesthesia?
An experienced Board Certified Anesthesiologist.

Who will oversee my care during my recovery period?
A nurse that is critical care trained to assist you in your recovery.

Is anesthesia safe?
Due to advances in patient safety, the risks of anesthesia are very low.

What kind of anesthesia is provided?
A deep sedation that provides comfort and little to no memory of the procedure. This is not a general anesthesia where you are completely asleep.

What emergency procedures are in place should a serious complication occur?
Our highly skilled staff has the necessary emergency drugs, equipment and training to care for you in the event of a complication.

Will my procedure in the office cost the same as it does in the hospital?
No, by having your procedure done in your doctor’s office you should experience significant cost savings.

What happens when my procedure is completed?
The nurse will monitor your vital signs and provide medication as necessary. You will not be allowed to leave alone, drive yourself home or go home unescorted!

For more information contact our office at 252-757-3131.