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FAQ for First Time Dads

Expecting a child is also a life-changing experience for first-time dads, too. Here are some tips and information for men who want to better understand physical and emotional changes that their wives are experiencing.

How can I be more supportive and understanding of what my wife is going through?
Get informed and prepared! Read the same books and articles she is reading about pregnancy and infant care. You’ll know what to expect and you’ll be able to help her cope with some of the common physical and emotional changes along the way. There are also some excellent books written for expectant fathers. Check your favorite bookstore.

My wife has been having mood swings. Is that normal?
Yes. Many women experience “ups and downs” brought about by hormonal changes of pregnancy, as well as the fatigue that usually comes along with it. She may also have some fears about the baby’s well being and what her body is going through, especially if this is her first pregnancy. Be a good listener. Encourage her to talk to her doctor if she has serious concerns.

My wife works at a place where there are some environmental hazards. Can that harm the baby?
It’s possible. Exposure to some toxic substances have been proven to harm a fetus or cause miscarriages, while others have not. Let her doctor know the type of substance, the degree of exposure, and how long she has been exposed.

Can my wife and I continue to have sexual intercourse through pregnancy without hurting the baby?
Yes. You can continue having sexual intercourse without fear of hurting the baby through the ninth month as long as she is not experiencing pre-term labor. Check with your doctor if your wife’s pregnancy is considered high-risk or if she has other concerns.