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Month: February 2015

February, the perfect time to be near and dear to your heart!

I speak about lifestyle and heart healthy habits on a daily basis when seeing women in my Practice.    I am looking out for the #1 killer that sieges the lives of American women each year.  Can you guess?  Heart disease.  Now is the time to remind us women to be hearty healthy.  You may see women wearing lots of red during the month of February, so break out your red wardrobe and wear it proudly to raise awareness.

We all heard about the ways to live a healthy life, but have we ever learned to how to actually do it?  The culture and lifestyle of an American is fast…fast-paced, fast-food and we certainly are very spoiled in this nation to have most everything at our fingertips…even the remote!  Our lifestyle however has trade-offs and one unfortunate trade-off is our health.  A life without activity, wholesome food and rest leads to obesity, a weakened heart and body and feeling as if you could easily fall flat out.  We do not have to accept this as Americans….Heart disease is a PREVENTABLE killer, but we have to make a mindful effort to stop it in its tracks.
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