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Month: April 2014

Pelvic Talk?

I spend a large part of my day evaluating, treating and assuring the health of that which involves the center of gravity for every female – her pelvis.  We have to boast as females we are carefully constructed for whatever comes our way – you name it!  A mother is the center of gravity for her family, not just physically but literally.  A female athlete has much leverage over male counterparts when it comes to core and balance because of her pelvis.  You may think, okay she is an OB/GYN; of course she obsesses over the pelvis!  Please reflect for a moment…do you know your pelvis? Do you understand the form and function of your pelvis, to take care of it and know its danger signs?  Think about the aches and pains you may have or have had?  If you have ever felt pain in your pelvis, are you able to discern what exactly is hurting?  What is that cramp, that pressure or bulge?  How did I just suddenly pee on myself?! Continue reading “Pelvic Talk?”

Eventually, All Women Will Deal with the Big ‘M’

I can’t help but reflect on a women’s health issue that’s changed how we practice Medicine. It’s a subject that just over a decade ago sent women running to their doctor and still remains a subject of controversy, a source of fear and confusion for many. Can you guess it? – Menopause.

Continue reading “Eventually, All Women Will Deal with the Big ‘M’”