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Month: August 2018

21 Reasons to Visit Greenville Women’s Clinic Before Age 21

Although most young women don’t need to have a pap test until they are about 21 years old, there many reason why you should see a gynecologist before you reach that age.

  1. Get advice on maintaining a healthy body weight and feel good about your body.
  2. Start habits for keeping your bones healthy and strong.
  3. Learn how to recognize, prevent and treat urinary tract infections.
  4. Get treatment for any vaginal itching, odor and discharge.
  5. Learn about what a normal period is supposed to look and feel like.
  6. Get advice and relief if your periods are painful.
  7. Find out why your periods may be heavy.
  8. Find out why your periods are too close or too far apart and why bleeding may happen between them.
  9. Discover ways to deal with premenstrual syndrome, commonly referred to as PMS.
  10. Learn how to have a healthy relationship with romantic partners.
  11. Know when a relationship may be threatening, abusive or harmful.
  12. Talk about and think things through if you are considering sex for the first time.
  13. Learn about how to have safe sex.
  14. Discover the right birth control option, so you can choose to become pregnant when the time is right for you.
  15. Plan ahead for a safe and healthy pregnancy.
  16. Get tested for pregnancy.
  17. Learn about your options if you become pregnant.
  18. Protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) by learning steps you can take to lower the risk of becoming infected.
  19. Receive the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine.
  20. Get tested for STDs of HIV if you are sexually active.
  21. Have open and honest conversations about any body changes you may be experiencing.

Teenage years are the perfect time to find the right gynecologist. This healthcare provider will be there with you through some pretty important moments in your life. Greenville Women’s Clinic is committed to providing young women with the best care possible so they can live healthy, educated and safe – even before they turn 21. We encourage every young women to take charge of their health and body, and make an appointment at Greenville Women’s Clinic – even if it is just to ask questions.