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Month: June 2014

Summer – a time to re-energize and find balance!!!

What does summer mean to you?  When I think of summer, it brings on a warm, relaxed sense of well being, reminiscent of times dancing in the sand, listening to good ole’ beach music and enjoying a Jimmy Buffet state-of-mind.  When summer rolls around, I look back on those winter months and think, “Why don’t I feel this way year round and why am I not as active?”  After being indoors all winter, and feeling starved of sunlight, we look forward to the summer months of fresh air and activities.  It is a bright and active time of year – filled with endless opportunities to focus on self, friends and family.  Bottom line, summer is a time when I feel better and balanced in my own skin.  Can you relate?  Do you feel most balanced this time of year or are you able to find balance year round?  I applaud you, if your sense of balance and well-being has not become seasonal like mine. Continue reading “Summer – a time to re-energize and find balance!!!”