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Month: December 2014

New Year and You

New Year and You……what is your New Year’s resolution?  I have to talk about a very important topic to our Society – Obesity.  This is a time of year where health and wellness enjoys a captive audience.  Obesity has been a topic in Medicine for over 2000 years.  In the 19th century, only 3% of the population was overweight. Today it is estimated that 35 to 60% of children, adolescents and the adult population is overweight or obese. The percentage varies along with the honesty of our self – reporting.  Why? 

Our food and lifestyles have changed. Food today has far less nutritional value and certainly high in fat. Many foods are processed and have added ingredients to make our brains think it tastes great, therefore we eat more. Our modern lifestyle is also less active and more sedentary, resulting in weight gain. We sit constantly, at our desk, in our cars, watching our children participate in activities, watching television, reading or working on our computers.

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Stressed out? Take Time to Evaluate Your Emotions

Ladies, let’s talk about stress or worry.  Have you ever worried or stressed about anything?  If so, what about?  Is there a time when you have ever not worried or stressed?  Worry or stress is partly a natural cerebral function that raises your sense of awareness, helps you navigate difficult situations, process and complete tasks and even keeps you and your family out of trouble.  The emotions of worry or stress can however, take your body by siege and render a palm- sweating, chest-tightening moment where you feel that your world is falling down around you – it can make you feel like you are going to die!  Such emotions becomes pathologic when it starts to affect how you feel or function and may even affect relationships and daily life.  Sound familiar?  If so, it is important stop and figure your emotions out.  Is what your feeling truly just worry or something else?  What you perceive as stress or worry may really be a medical condition that requires treatment.  You see, we as women are twice as likely as our male counter parts to develop psychiatric conditions like Panic disorder, Excessive worry, Anxiety and/or Depression.  I say “and/or” as Anxiety and Depression most commonly often coexist.  Continue reading “Stressed out? Take Time to Evaluate Your Emotions”