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Year: 2014

New Year and You

New Year and You……what is your New Year’s resolution?  I have to talk about a very important topic to our Society – Obesity.  This is a time of year where health and wellness enjoys a captive audience.  Obesity has been a topic in Medicine for over 2000 years.  In the 19th century, only 3% of the population was overweight. Today it is estimated that 35 to 60% of children, adolescents and the adult population is overweight or obese. The percentage varies along with the honesty of our self – reporting.  Why? 

Our food and lifestyles have changed. Food today has far less nutritional value and certainly high in fat. Many foods are processed and have added ingredients to make our brains think it tastes great, therefore we eat more. Our modern lifestyle is also less active and more sedentary, resulting in weight gain. We sit constantly, at our desk, in our cars, watching our children participate in activities, watching television, reading or working on our computers.

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Stressed out? Take Time to Evaluate Your Emotions

Ladies, let’s talk about stress or worry.  Have you ever worried or stressed about anything?  If so, what about?  Is there a time when you have ever not worried or stressed?  Worry or stress is partly a natural cerebral function that raises your sense of awareness, helps you navigate difficult situations, process and complete tasks and even keeps you and your family out of trouble.  The emotions of worry or stress can however, take your body by siege and render a palm- sweating, chest-tightening moment where you feel that your world is falling down around you – it can make you feel like you are going to die!  Such emotions becomes pathologic when it starts to affect how you feel or function and may even affect relationships and daily life.  Sound familiar?  If so, it is important stop and figure your emotions out.  Is what your feeling truly just worry or something else?  What you perceive as stress or worry may really be a medical condition that requires treatment.  You see, we as women are twice as likely as our male counter parts to develop psychiatric conditions like Panic disorder, Excessive worry, Anxiety and/or Depression.  I say “and/or” as Anxiety and Depression most commonly often coexist.  Continue reading “Stressed out? Take Time to Evaluate Your Emotions”

Give Thanks for Knowing Your Family’s Health History

November is a time to give thanks, a time to remember all the good that happened over the last year and it starts the holiday season for a time with family.  We all look forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas with family gatherings.  I have one special mission for you this holiday season…get to know your family and specifically your family medical history.  What do you know about your family history? Continue reading “Give Thanks for Knowing Your Family’s Health History”

E-cigarettes Anyone?

I discuss smoking habits on a daily basis with Patients as we KNOW it adversely affects one’s health and vitality.  The talk about quitting is not an easy subject. I see Patients struggle, yet even with a strong emotional desire to quit, it is near impossible to quit physically.  The bottom line, when our body becomes used to a substance, it begins to fall in the category of dependence or addiction.  To be frank, nicotine is said to be the most addictive substance in our society and is a current hot topic with the trend of Alternative Nicotine Use. Continue reading “E-cigarettes Anyone?”

Got Vitamin D?

Vitamin D has been the subject of debate with respect to its role in our health and its surveillance for years. You may have talked about it at your annual physical and likely have been tested already. It is no argument that we must have Vitamin D in our bodies; however there are several questions that remain unanswered per its role in our health. In June 2014, the United States Preventative Task Force released a statement to the public stating there was insufficient evidence to weigh the benefits and harms of screening for Vitamin D deficiency to improve health outcomes in those who have no symptoms. They are questioning, not recommending against, if it is beneficial to test someone for Vitamin D deficiency if otherwise healthy and without complaint or risk factors. Would this screening prevent diseases? Would finding a low Vitamin D level be helpful to treat? Would screening cause harm? Research is underway to seek out the answers, and assure these answers are backed by scientific evidence. Continue reading “Got Vitamin D?”

Surprise, You Are Pregnant!

What is the first thought that crosses your mind?  The baby shower filled with pink or blue?  How will your partner react, and certainly friends and family?  Depending on the relationship with your partner or life circumstances, this news may bring about any emotion fathomable from the human psyche.  If this is your first pregnancy or one of many, where you are in life plays into your state-of-mind in that very moment.  After coming to terms with being pregnant, you then realize that your world will be changing with this living being developing in your womb.  This is the first of so much to follow, both physically and emotionally. Continue reading “Surprise, You Are Pregnant!”

Summer – a time to re-energize and find balance!!!

What does summer mean to you?  When I think of summer, it brings on a warm, relaxed sense of well being, reminiscent of times dancing in the sand, listening to good ole’ beach music and enjoying a Jimmy Buffet state-of-mind.  When summer rolls around, I look back on those winter months and think, “Why don’t I feel this way year round and why am I not as active?”  After being indoors all winter, and feeling starved of sunlight, we look forward to the summer months of fresh air and activities.  It is a bright and active time of year – filled with endless opportunities to focus on self, friends and family.  Bottom line, summer is a time when I feel better and balanced in my own skin.  Can you relate?  Do you feel most balanced this time of year or are you able to find balance year round?  I applaud you, if your sense of balance and well-being has not become seasonal like mine. Continue reading “Summer – a time to re-energize and find balance!!!”

Dr. Google

Think about life today. Compare it to 5, 10, 15 years ago and certainly your childhood. Life is not the same. We live in a technology-driven world that is progressing, at the speed of light! It is challenging and changing the way we live, learn and even how we communicate, process and trust information. Technology is changing the way we practice Medicine and certainly the communication between Doctor and Patient. The Internet is an endless abyss of information, from fact to fiction and certainly to opinions born out of first-hand experience or plain ignorance. Continue reading “Dr. Google”

Pelvic Talk?

I spend a large part of my day evaluating, treating and assuring the health of that which involves the center of gravity for every female – her pelvis.  We have to boast as females we are carefully constructed for whatever comes our way – you name it!  A mother is the center of gravity for her family, not just physically but literally.  A female athlete has much leverage over male counterparts when it comes to core and balance because of her pelvis.  You may think, okay she is an OB/GYN; of course she obsesses over the pelvis!  Please reflect for a moment…do you know your pelvis? Do you understand the form and function of your pelvis, to take care of it and know its danger signs?  Think about the aches and pains you may have or have had?  If you have ever felt pain in your pelvis, are you able to discern what exactly is hurting?  What is that cramp, that pressure or bulge?  How did I just suddenly pee on myself?! Continue reading “Pelvic Talk?”

Eventually, All Women Will Deal with the Big ‘M’

I can’t help but reflect on a women’s health issue that’s changed how we practice Medicine. It’s a subject that just over a decade ago sent women running to their doctor and still remains a subject of controversy, a source of fear and confusion for many. Can you guess it? – Menopause.

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