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Month: January 2014

Our Time

As a physician, wife, mother, daughter, sister, best friend and the other various hats I wear in my life, I have often wondered, what am I doing? Does wearing one hat mean that I have to put down another? After all, I can only juggle so many. I find myself feeling sad and defeated, even apologizing every time one of my proverbial hats is dropped!

I find that I gauge my happiness based on how well I perform this balancing act. Impossible? I cannot be perfect to everyone and certainly not all the time.

Do these emotions sound familiar to you? Continue reading “Our Time”

Personal Exchanges

Our finest memories and moments are found in exchanges – between mother and child, between best friends, between you and your significant other and really, between you and anyone or anything in your world. It is in these exchanges that we build our awareness and knowledge and certainly learn from our trials and tribulations.  Exchanges serve as comfort and strength or a means to pressure and challenge one another. It is with exchanges that we learn as much about others as we do ourselves. Continue reading “Personal Exchanges”