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Personal Exchanges

Our finest memories and moments are found in exchanges – between mother and child, between best friends, between you and your significant other and really, between you and anyone or anything in your world. It is in these exchanges that we build our awareness and knowledge and certainly learn from our trials and tribulations.  Exchanges serve as comfort and strength or a means to pressure and challenge one another. It is with exchanges that we learn as much about others as we do ourselves.

As a Physician, I have the luxury of having predetermined questions when I meet a Patient. As a Patient, we often find ourselves speechless in front of our Doctor.  Do you find this problematic when you trust your life to this person you call your doctor? I found my vocation as an OBGYN because I find comfort in knowing my patients and following them through all life stages, and in doing so, this helps me be a better doctor and meet their needs.

I wish to have an exchange with you – to discuss any and all topics you feel are important as a woman. What is on your mind? I wish this blog to be a source of humor, exploration and knowledge. In a world where we are inundated with information, and literally at our fingertips any given second, this luxury can be a double-edge sword. It is here that we can discuss, sort out, challenge and make sense of topics of interest to you. I promise to bring you unbiased, evidence-based information that you can feel safe reading.

Check back often for my posts and I look forward to hearing from you.