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Month: March 2015

How do you score on your health report card?

If you had to turn in your health homework, what grade would you expect?  Did you get an “A” for effort, or did you earn a solid “C,” so think about it.  How well do you attend to your own health and wellness?  Do you take the time to get your physical and go to the dentist?  If so, were you told you needed to change your habits or seek necessary screenings like a colonoscopy?  Do you eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and sleep well?  The bottom line, do you feel your best?  I challenge you no matter the grade you would expect to receive this year, how will you change your study habits to score better?  You see, there is already daily ongoing research being done about your health and Society as a whole.  Did you know an actual report card is published on the Internet about us?  It is a measure not only of our longevity, but our form and function as well.  This information is used to know where we are and where we need to go to reach our best state of health across all people.

Thanks to the Center for Women’s Health Research at UNC, we have a report of the current state of health of North Carolina Women.  This information is used to compare us to goals that are set nationally to ready Health People 2020 goals.  Information of all females over age 18 is reported. You may be thinking, what are they looking at?  How are we graded?

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