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Reasons to Visit Your OB/GYN Annually

The start of the new year brings resolutions and reminders for all of your annual responsibilities. Regular gynecological visits, just like annual doctor’s checkups, are crucial for keeping you healthy. Here are the top reasons you need to schedule your annual OBGYN appointment:

  1. Birth Control

There are many birth control options available to women. So many that it may be a little overwhelming deciding which is the best option for you. Whether you are ready to start birth control or already on birth control and considering a different option, your gynecologist can help you decide which birth control method fits your lifestyle and needs.

  1. Preventative Care

Annual visits to the gynecologist are important parts of preventative care. Any abnormalities or changes are easier to detect and monitor when you visit the gynecologist regularly. Discussing diets, mental health concerns, and best practices with your provider is a fantastic way to monitor your health and take necessary measures for your wellbeing.

  1. Breast Exam

A yearly breast exam is another reason to schedule your annual appointment at Greenville Women’s Care. Even if you perform self-examinations, it is important to have an expert thoroughly examine your breasts to ensure nothing was missed and everything is okay. Breast cancer is extremely common in women between the ages of 40 – 60, and early discovery typically means you have a better chance at successful treatment.

  1. Intercourse

Whether you are a young adult, or going through changes, intercourse should be a normal topic of discussion with your gynecologist. If you notice any pain, have low libido, or are worried about an STD or STI, it is important to sit down with your doctor and share your concerns. Regular screenings are crucial for diagnosis of STDs as many do not have any symptoms, so it is possible you have one without knowing it.

It is normal for women going through menopause to  have libido issues. The loss of estrogen and testosterone can lead to changes in not only a woman’s body, but their sexual drive. The physicians at Greenville Women’s Care will take the time to listen to any of your concerns, not only about menopause, but for all life stages.

  1. Period Concerns

Discussing changes and abnormalities in your menstrual cycle with your doctor is important. Irregular periods, excessive pain, heavy bleeding and other issues with your cycle could be signs of an underlying issue. An OBGYN specializes in women’s reproductive health issues, so making your gynecologist aware of these issues is the first step to addressing and resolving menstrual issues.

  1. Preconception

Ready to start a family? It could be beneficial to discuss the next steps with your provider. 1 in 8 families struggle with conceiving – and getting your body prepared to conceive is important in your family planning. Discuss any fears or issues with your gynecologist. They can help you determine best practices, ovulation cycles, and answer any other questions you may have.

  1. Mental Health/Wellness

Your OB/GYN can support and help you with more than just your physical health. Whether you are struggling with your mental health, have postpartum depression, or are in the middle of menopause – discuss your feelings and thoughts with your provider. There is no better time than during your well-woman exam to talk through your emotions and receive support and help from someone you can trust.

Greenville Women’s Care provides a full range of gynecologic and obstetric services for women of all ages. To schedule your annual visit, call our office at 252-757-3131, or visit to learn more about our services.